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International University
“Global Theatre Experience” (IUGTE)

IUGTE is the non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2000 by the group of experts in the field of social science, culture and art.

The organization was established with the purpose of exploring the bridge between world theatre traditions and contemporary performing arts, developing international programmes, promoting multicultural dialogue, supporting the freedom of creative expression and tolerance through the acquaintance with the diversity of world traditions.

Moral Code

Honesty and ethics exist exceptionally within a person or are entirely absent. Either the individual is acting honestly and ethically or not. In order that honesty and ethicality become the symbols of IUGTE we, the members of the University, should endeavor to:

• Be honest and trustworthy in any relations.
• Fulfil all the tasks and liability we assume.
• Be truthful and precise in what we say, write and do.
• Collaborate constructively and help colleagues in any work.
• Treat our colleagues, partners and other people honestly and reasonably.
• Keep within the law in all our activities.
• Loyally serve our company.
• Make all our efforts in order to improve the quality of life in the world we live in.

Honesty and observance of the high ethical standards require hard work, courage and at times difficult choice; sometimes we have to refuse tempting opportunities. However in the end our good deeds will do ourselves good.


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