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Festival of Methods

International Festival of Methods 2003

July 1 - 7, 2003
Malpils, LATVIA

     The Festival is inviting professional actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, teachers of theatre methods and students of theatre departments in their senior-years.
The meeting in Malpils during seven saturated days of creative communication will offer the guests the excellent opportunity to share and to get acquainted with different ways of work, methods and ideas in performing arts presented by the Festival teachers and participants coming from different countries of the world.
Participants will have the opportunity to take part in the following events:

The Art of Acting Between Tradition & Contemporaneity

Sounding Dance 

      Eugenia Rozanova (Moscow, Russia), theatre critic, manager of A.Vasilev’s theatre “School of Dramatic Art, coordinator of different creative programmes (one of them is well-known “Meeting of Community Theatres”) will present her lectures about the Russian Theatre traditions and present the method and practice by Anatoly Vasilyev to the Festival guests.

      Besides the participation in one of the mentioned above practical seminars, that will take place during the day,
participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their methods of work (in the form of performance, workshop, video demonstration etc.) in the evenings after the main training; as well as become the witnesses of the works offered by their foreign colleagues. Participants who would like to present their materials, should inform the organizers in advance.

Presentations and workshops by the Festival guests

         Pamela Gay Woods will present the performance "Falling Among The Nettles".       
Sheila Gordon
(Assistant Professor, Voice and Acting; Southwest Missouri State University, USA) - workshop Strasberg Sense Memory through Animal Observation as Applied to Shakespeare. The workshop will focus on developing Shakespearean characters in the method by
Lee Strasberg. 
         Floyd Favel (actor, director, choreographer, playwright; Canada) - the research into Native Performance Culture.
Sanita Duka (director; Latvia) and theatre-studio "Aka" - new performance "Riga - May Love".
         Leonid Ostropolsky (Associate Professor of the Chair of Acting Art and Stage Direction of the Kiev Karpenko-Kary State Institute of Theatrical Art, Honoured Art Worker, Director-Producer of the Kiev Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Russian Drama Theatre) - the report  "Actor's Improvisation in the Course of Through Action" and workshop "Actor's Training of Scenic Action Improvisation".
Festival participants: Floyd Favel (Canada), Lisa Ravensbergen (Canada), Sheila Gordon (USA), Sanita Duka (Latvia),
Olga Gerasimova (Russia), Olga Kapustina (Russia), Alina Yegorova (Russia), Larisa Yanina (Latvia), Helena Shakirova (Russia),
Dace Kalninya (Latvia), Janis Ozolinsh (Latvia), Christine Gailuma (Latvia), Liga Damberga (Latvia), Ilona Adamaite (Latvia),
Maris Lininsh (Latvia), Inese Upeniece (Latvia), Leonid Ostropolsky (Ukraine), Inga Mikelsone (Latvia), Sandra Milasha (Latvia),
Sandra Bergmane (Latvia), Lidiya Naumova (Latvia), Julia Danilko (Latvia), Raitis Dziesma (Latvia), Margarita Huramshina (Latvia),
Ilze Shmite (Latvia), Solvita Balode (Latvia), Inese Caune (Latvia), Ulrike Haring (Austria), Valli Parn (Estonia), Anu Randma (Estonia), Ainars Karklinsh (Latvia), Viktoria Korniyenko (Latvia).


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