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International Theatre Kitchen


July 3-6, 2007
London, UK

International Theatre Kitchen

under the direction of
Sergey Ostrenko

Theatre Kitchen
is the hearth of new contacts, ideas, discoveries and inspiration in the atmosphere of group creative process.

The Kitchen is open to performers from different parts of the world, who have chosen the way of constant motion, change, continuous exploration of own potentialities and self-perfection in profession - the way of creation as the cause of life!

Participants: actors of dramatic, physical, musical and dance theatres, dancers, choreographers, directors, stage designers, playwrights, script writers.

Sergey Ostrenko is a Russian director and teacher working in professional theatre over twenty-five years. His creative way has passed through the Cold War of the 1980s, collapse of the USSR in the 1990s, creative ordeals in the period of the interethnic tension in the Baltic and joining the New Europe. His creative work is the synthesis of the Russian Theatre School and the newest experiments in various performing arts.

Ostrenko has dedicated many years to exploration of world theatre traditions working with multicultural groups of performing artists. His approach is known internationally as the effective method of growing cohesion and creation of live performances within limited time. Theatre workers from Russia, Europe, America, Asia and Australia who trained with Ostrenko have been using his method in their own creative practice.


Intensive Practical Training

Potential body possibilities.
Relaxation and awareness of the body through movement.
Practical investigation of spontaneity.
Awareness and spontaneity in movement.
Psychological gesture.
Transition from individual improvisation to spontaneous collective interaction.
Methods impelling the group to spontaneous collective creative process.
Possibilities of nonverbal communication on the stage.
Emotional content and will in action.
Space and time.
Voice and movement.
Composition in the space.
Building the structure.
Structural improvisation.

Montage and Metaphor in Performance.


Please send your detailed CV and a brief letter of motivation to info@iugte.com or iugte@london.com 
A limited number of places are available on a competitive basis. The registration will be closed once the group is full.


230 GBP by payment before June 1st, 2007.
350 GBP by payment before July 1st, 2007.

For IUGTE Members - 20% discount.

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Organized by
International University "Global Theatre Experience" (IUGTE)
in collaboration with "Art Universe"


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